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Coming soon to Southern California: Learn more about offering TheraSmile Whitening in your practice

Teeth Whitening Trends and Perspectives

Insights in Dentistry

Stick with Mavrik for the latest information on teeth whitening and perspectives from some of the most influential leaders in the dental industry.

Explore the history of teeth whitening

Improving Patient Care: How Teeth Whitening Has Advanced

Discover how teeth whitening has advanced over the years—and which new professional teeth whitening technology can help set your practice apart from the competition.

Comparing Teeth Whitening Technology Options

Comparing Teeth Whitening Technology Options

You want to provide the highest quality treatments to your patients—but which teeth whitening technology is most effective?

Dr. Sean Pierce, DDS

How to Enhance Your Practice’s Teeth Whitening Experience

Learn more about the TheraSmile® Whitening system and its benefits for patient care and practice efficiency through this interview with Dr. Sean Pierce, DDS.