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Dynamic Oral Technology

The TheraSmile® System

The TheraSmile® Whitening System

A New Standard of Excellence

Developed by dentists for dentists, TheraSmile®  Whitening is the first and only dental whitening automation of its kind. Efficiency through automation, with a treatment that requires little oversight and offers real-time monitoring throughout, provides the opportunity to increase productivity and profitability for your practice. It's the ideal teeth whitening innovation for driving practice growth—offering scalability and agility in a time when it matters most.

TheraSmile® Whitening Mouthpiece

Proprietary Delivery System

Proven ioWave Technology

Dynamic fluid delivery with ioWave™ technology-enabled mouthpiece provides high-volume distribution of Mavrik’s proprietary hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel to reach 100 percent of the treatment area.*

Concentrated, Targeted Treatment

Vacuum-Sealed Hydrated Environment

The vacuum seal created by the TheraSmile Whitening mouthpiece provides intraoral isolation and forms chambers surrounding teeth through which treatment fluids flow. Refreshed fluids are continuously circulated over the targeted treatment area to intensify whitening and prevent desiccation.

Fully Closed System

Continuously Refreshed Fluids

The TheraSmile Whitening treatment is delivered in six cycles within a fully closed system. Each of the six cycles lasts for six minutes and finishes with a one-minute rinse to remove used gel and start the next cycle with freshly activated fluids.


chemical activation




enamel penetration

Convenient Gel Cartridges

Convenient Gel Cartridges

Automated, Accurate Gel Mixing

TheraSmile Whitening high-volume gel cartridges come prefilled and ready for application. Automated gel application ensures precise and consistent concentrations for repeatable, predictable results.


Precise gel concentrations are supplied to the mouthpiece to deliver predictable results


Automatic Teeth Whitening

TheraSmile automation takes teeth whitening to the cutting edge with patented hydrodynamic technology designed to enhance outcomes while making patient comfort a priority. Immersing teeth in activated, dynamically delivered whitening fluids provides 360-degree* whitening and keeps teeth hydrated for your patients’ comfort.

Patient-Centered Care

Spectacular, Sustainable Results**

6 Months After
6 Months After

Photos courtesy of Dr. Morris Strauss BDS Dip. Orth


Photos courtesy of Dr. Morris Strauss BDS Dip. Orth

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I feel confident promising excellent results for all of my patients, which is something I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing with previous whitening systems.”

Sean Pierce, DDS
TheraSmile® Mouthpiece

Complete Hydration

Optimal Patient Comfort

  • Immerses teeth in a warm, hydrated environment inside the mouthpiece 
  • Eliminates teeth desiccation to protect against sensitivity
  • Produces immediate and sustainable whitening results**
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Gingival Isolation

Advanced Gum Tissue Protection

High-volume 360-degree exposure* with TheraSmile Whitening activated fluids demands 360-degree gingival isolation. We’ve got gingiva covered with MavGuard® and ArmorLC®.

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teeth whitening


patient comfort


impressive results

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