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Gingival Margin Resin



Fortifying Gingival Protection

ArmorLC® was developed to complete the gingival isolation process before teeth whitening. Formulated specifically to work in tandem with MavGuard® for TheraSmile® Whitening treatments, ArmorLC’s optimized placement and handling characteristics are designed for maximum patient protection.


Superior Adhesion

Simple, Streamlined Application

Protecting gingiva for hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening has never been easier—or more effective—than with the safeguard combination of MavGuard and ArmorLC.

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Timesaving Safeguards

MavGuard® Gingiva Protection

MavGuard stands alone as the only precut, ready-to-place gingival isolation guard on the market. Pair with ArmorLC for unmatched gingival isolation for your patients.

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