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We are optimizing our TheraSmile System to deliver even more spectacular results with our unique hydration whitening technology.
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Teeth Whitening Trends and Perspectives

Insights in Dentistry

Stay informed of the latest updates on teeth whitening and gain inside perspectives from TheraSmile® Whitening providers and experts in cosmetic dentistry.

How TheraSmile Whitening Works

How Does the TheraSmile® Whitening Treatment Work?

TheraSmile® Whitening is Making Smiles Automatic® every day. Take a look at an overview process of how the first fully automated teeth whitening system works.

Marketing Professional Teeth Whitening to Patients

Dental Marketing Guide: Promoting In-Office Teeth Whitening

You’ve invested in teeth whitening technology for your practice—now how do you market it to patients? Through this dental practice marketing guide, you’ll discover how to effectively promote your practice’s teeth whitening treatment offering to current and prospective patients.

Discover the TheraSmile® Whitening System

Discover TheraSmile® Whitening

TheraSmile® is the first and only fully automated dental teeth whitening machine of its kind. See the benefits this dynamic technology can offer your practice.

Patient Experiences with TheraSmile Whitening

Real Patient Experiences with the TheraSmile® Whitening Treatment

Wondering if TheraSmile® Whitening is right for your practice? Hear what real patients are saying about their experiences with our professional teeth whitening technology.

Interview with the Mavrik Founders

Innovation in Oral Care: An Interview with the Mavrik Dental Systems® Founders

Through this interview with Daniel Sanders, BS, DDS, and Morris Strauss, BDS Dip. Orth, the founders of Mavrik Dental Systems®, you’ll learn more about the TheraSmile® system and its benefits for patient care and practice growth.

Explore the history of teeth whitening

Improving Patient Care: How Teeth Whitening Has Advanced

Discover how teeth whitening has advanced over the years—and which new professional teeth whitening technology can help set your practice apart from the competition.