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The Significance of Hydration in Teeth Whitening

Shade Stability and Reduced Sensitivity with TheraSmile® Whitening

Despite its long history of desirability, gaining whiter teeth often comes at the cost of patient comfort. Sensitivity from teeth whitening can be severe and persistent, deterring both patients and providers from teeth whitening altogether. While there certainly hasn’t been a lack in development of whitening products, the paramount patient concern of sensitivity has never been addressed effectively until now.

Because of several contributing factors that cause desiccation in standard teeth whitening treatments, Mavrik speculated if dehydration of the teeth could be the primary cause of sensitivity in teeth whitening. Would alleviating these factors reduce side effects? Could a continuously hydrated environment during treatment prevent sensitivity? We found the answers with TheraSmile® Whitening.

In this whitepaper we take a look at:

  • Origins of dehydration and sensitivity in standard treatment methods.
  • Advanced intra-oral soft tissue isolation with Mavrik’s novel MavGuard® silicone guards.
  • Preventing sensitivity and promoting whitening stability with the hydrating properties of the TheraSmile Whitening system.
The Significance of Hydration in Teeth Whitening

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