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We are optimizing our TheraSmile System to deliver even more spectacular results with our unique hydration whitening technology.
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Bob Anthony

Head of US Operations

Bob Anthony has more than 30 years of Lean Operations Management experience in the dental and medical device manufacturing industries. By building end-to-end supply chain, manufacturing and field service teams, he has impacted the development and commercial launch of over 25 market-leading and life-enhancing new products in four companies, including Bio-Rad Laboratories, Guidant/Abbott, Masimo and Sonendo.

During a 17-year tenure at Guidant, Bob helped build a $4 Billion/year Fortune 500 medical device company, and in his five years at Sonendo, it became the world’s fastest growing dental device company. Bob’s expertise extends to the development and leadership of highly motivated cross-functional teams, enabling them to achieve stretch goals in manufacturability, optimized processes, escalating gross margins, continuous improvement, quality, service, compliance and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Bob holds a bachelor of science degree from Saint Mary’s College of California and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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